Monday, May 5, 2008

why you should pay for the internet

I've been MIA lately because the neighbor we were "borrowing" wireless internet from moved out. So here I am in a coffee shop, because I'm one of those people who pays all my bills online, scrambling to get it done in one fell swoop.

Anyways, I've been missing everyone else's blogs, and missing my own blog, but it will probably still be a while before we actually get the internet. But we will!

So, see you in another week or so. Until then-- yum cooking!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Food Allergy?

I wrote out a huge post yesterday and the internet died, causing me (among other things) to lose it. I'm not in the mood to rewrite my lentil-soup recipe, but I'll post some pictures.

Anyways, the gist of it was that I doubt I have a food allergy, so goodbye elimination diet! It was fun. I felt healthy, and skinny, but I want bread again. I was going to sort of do it for another two weeks, but.. eh. Actually, tonight we're having chili and I'm making corn chips from scratch, so technically I'm probably still sticking to it. But I want tempeh in it. And afterwards, I want to go to the turkish store across the street and buy some allergen-ridden Turkish sweet. So I will.

Here are some pictures of food from the last few days. Tomorrow or maybe later, I'll post a recipe for the asparagus pesto pasta (quinoa macaroni) we had last night. Inspired by Michael Chiarello, in case you were wondering.


Roasted Brussels sprouts and potatoes. Um.. yum? I do this whenever I get the chance. I love roasted Brussels sprouts!

My attempt as a brown lentil dal. Phil liked this but I was not a fan. Next time I'll use a recipe.

Phil makes amazing lentil soup, but this was mine. Mine = bland. But it wasn't bad, just... bland. The thing that made it special is that it had red lentils and brow lentils in it. Which anyone can do.

A kind of Mediterranean take on that quinoa-lentil thing, with sauteed zucchinis and red lentils instead of brown. I had a lot of fun with lentils, as you can see.

And some sneaky oatmeal cookies that didn't make a picture.. yum.