Wednesday, April 1, 2009

W.I.P. Wednesday

Oh. Hi there!

I haven't posted since President Obama won the election. That was five months ago. I just counted on my fingers, and it really was five months ago.

I didn't do very much in that time period, so I won't go into great detail. I think at first I got lost in sewing-land, because I was sewing all my Christmas presents. Then I just sort of slipped into my winter-hibernation-mode. I have been cooking, but I've been mostly making a lot of the same stuff: pizza, pasta, soups, salads.

But Spring is here, and so I thought I would start again. I decided in the last few days that I wouldn't make this a food-blog, but instead my life-blog, because the title is Music and Veganism and that is my life. I'll talk about food, but also everything else, when I feel like it.

What inspired me to post today is that I discovered it is W.I.P. Wednesday, and I have a work in progress: my garden. I started 72 plants last Tuesday, and most of them are sprouting.

The tall ones to the left are kale. Originally I had wanted to start kale, carrots, bush beans, tomatoes, chilis, rosemary, basil and cilantro. Then, when reading the instructions on the packets (I just recently started doing this), I realized that carrots and beans should be started outside. So I planted a crapton of kale and tomatoes. Actually, I started twenty-one kale plants and eighteen tomato plants, to be exact. Then I started nine Anaheim chili pepper plants, twelve rosemary plants (we like rosemary), six Greek basil plants and six cilantro plants.

At any rate, the kale were the first to sprout, oddly enough. They sprouted on day three, and weren't supposed to until day ten.

My Brandywine babies were next to follow. Today is day eight, so they're right on schedule.

There's a little cilantro, too:

The basil and chili peppers are beginning to crown the soil a bit, but not enough for a picture. The rosemary is still hiding away. According to their instructions, the chili and rosemary shouldn't germinate until Friday, so I'm not worried yet.

And that's my work in progress! Or one, at least.


Vegan_Noodle said...

Welcome back to blogging! This makes me really want to start a garden of my own. It's so cool to see how food grows..