Monday, August 4, 2008

No Egg Salad Sandwich and Grilled Cheese

Last night, when I saw Tofu Mom's post and recipe for her egg-less tofu salad, I knew I wanted to make it within the next couple of days. Well, I made it today, and I highly recommend it. I didn't have celery or pickle or relish, and next time (oh, there will be many next times) I will try it with. But it had so much flavor even without! Perfect cool lunch. I ate it with kale chips and an orange for lunch, and I threw some on some romaine with julienned carrots and Moroccan olives to take with me to work for dinner.

Yesterday for lunch I tried the recipe for Grilled Cheese from Vegan Vittles. The "cheese" is a "melty American cheese", but honestly, it's better than any American cheese I ever had in my pregan days. It uses oat flour, tahini and lemon juice and is delicious. There was some left over so I had cheese toast for breakfast, too. Phil doesn't like most real cheese or fake cheese, so more for me!


EmLit said...

So where did the "melty American cheese" come from? Did you make it yourself?

Urban Vegan said...

nothing like a good sandwich, huh?

Binx said...


yes, it's part of the recipe. i'll email it to you if you want!

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Woooo! Glad you liked the "egg" salad! You can leave stuff outand it's still pretty good (as you discovered - good on you being creative!). I shoulda mentioned I mush the tofu up smaller than my directions even say, because my kids like things "not chunky". But it's all good.

The cheese looks awesome!