Wednesday, July 2, 2008

day 3

My day started off with sodium-free whole wheat bread, soy yogurt, and watermelon. Yesterday was a gym day and I like to eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee before working out, which is exactly what I did. Good workout, too.

Lunch was supposed to be a burrito, but I forgot to buy tortillas so I used some pasta instead. This was actually really good: chopped up veggie burger, green bell peppers, mushrooms, green onions and teriyaki sauce. Salad and apple on the side.

Here's my dinner packed up for me to take to work. This is an "Italian" tofu and spaghetti dish. I tweaked the seasonings and it was still bland bland bland, even after adding a splash of Bragg's at work. Oh well, I was hungry and it did the trick.

The vegan options aren't bad, and there are a lot of them. I am noticing that it helps to tweak the spices to your own liking. I'm a sodium hound, so my taste buds are a little biased-- I really need to just get used to eating less salt all around.

Also, I had just eyeballed the calories before, and it turns out the intake is more like 1250 or thereabouts, so that does make a difference (especially since I've decided to double my snack, so I'm getting almost 1400). Plus I had 2 pints of beer last night.



SueWho said...

looks yummy! yeah, you are right about the food being bland and having to tweak things a little. But as long as you know it, then you should be fine.
Keep up the good work!

Rural Vegan said...

That's a shame that the tofu-spaghetti was bland because it looks delicious!