Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lunch, breakfast, yogurt, mock tuna and a complaint.

This is just a catch-up post, I guess, nothing too interesting. Just some pictures. My lunch today, which was kale, boca burger, mushrooms and onions over noodles. It was meh.

A quick soy-yogurt review: I love yogurt. It's my favorite snack. I thought I'd try a new brand today,a nd I was very much not impressed. It was too thick and a little grainy, and the flavor wasn't as good as my favorite, WholeSoy & Co. I will continue to eat it, however, because I have a whole container, so I'll let you know if I change my mind.

I thought it was funny that this is our grater right now. But more importantly, I was grating carrots to make Isa's mock tuna, from Vegan With A Vengeance. SO GOOD! It uses mashed chickpeas and seaweed. Who cares if it tastes like tuna, it tastes damn good. I didn't get a picture because th camera batteries died after this one, and all the chickpea mash was eaten. :( But it's good.

Tofu scramble. I've been having fun with them lately, and I discovered that cabbage is an awesome, inexpensive way to 'beef' them up a bit. I use turmeric for color and because I love the smell of warmed turmeric (it reminds me of my aunts house for some reason), and usually thyme and basil. Hot sauce always helps, but I'm out.

And lastly, my complaint.

Ediets is so sneaky! NO WHERE on my account page does it say how long my membership will last, and since they charge me for a month, I assumed a month. Well, it turns out that the only place they do tell you is in the fine print in their contract that you "sign" by clicking a button, ad I'm stuck on it for 3 months.

Assholes. Sneaky assholes. I accept that I should have actually read the terms and conditions, but I do think they were a little shady about the whole thing. Oh well, lesson learned. Because I can really afford to pay for 2 months when I can't even afford my student loan repayments. Whoo-hoo.


EmLit said...

That tofu scramble looks really good. I should try making one sometime.

Insert offensive joke about how warmed turmeric must smell like a certain herb of a different sort.

Alice (in Veganland) said...

what a scam!
In Germany, every time you have to sign something you have to be careful because they renew your contract automatically when it ends! This is completely different in Spain, causing lots of problems to students coming here... sad, isn't it?...

SueWho said...

sorry about your experience with those sneaks from eDiets. Bah, down with them!
by the way, how did you take a picture of your hands grating carrots? Or is that Phil grating the carrots? Maybe you have 3 hands?
I really like your tip about cabbage. Yum it looks good!

bittersweetblog said...

Aw, that's a shame, I really love Wildwood! Maybe you just got a bad batch? :(

ashley said...

Don't you hate those stinky hidden fees like that?!?! Write a post about it- that might get their attention...

I have to try a tofu scramble!

How is soy yogurt usually? Honestly, I don't think I've tried it yet..