Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 8

Can you tell I'm a little uninspired by this diet?

Well, I did lose 2 pounds last week, so that's pretty inspiring, I suppose. Here are some more pictures of 'diet food'.

I did pretty well on the 4th but destroyed my diet on Sunday when I devoured a huge dinner at Sabrina's, ate craploads of popcorn at the movies, then washed it down with beer. Don't worry, I paid a painful price. Apparently stomach's shrink pretty quickly.

I do have to say that all-in-all I'm impressed by E-diets. The recipes are decent and there's a large vegan selection. Even Phil has been enjoying some of it, like that like picture which was a "Moroccan Stew" served with couscous.

Alrighty. I hereby promise to post more often, diet or no diet!


SueWho said...

I will have to try the Moroccan stew - your picture makes it look good! Congrats on the weight loss!