Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grab you a ragu...

... or something clever (-er than that).

Quinoa elbows with a "ragu" sauce, i.e. crumbled tempeh in lieu of meat.
Veggies include carrots, broccoli and onion, throw in some tomato sauce, a little seasoning, the tempeh. Simmer for a bit, then throw in fresh basil at the end and toss with noodles.

This was especially nice because I was hungry from my (4 mile!) run this morning and impatient, so the broccoli ended up still being a little crisp. I normally cook my broccoli soft. It was nice for a change.

Phil and I have a spicy globe basil plant that we love (deliciously intense basil taste) and I pinched all the little white flowers off this morning as per instructions that might be wrong, so now my hands smell amazing. Who would have thought such tiny flowers could be so fragrant?

It is SO HOT. 94 degrees F to be exact. And super humid, of course.


SueWho said...

I would like to make some but no one in my house at present likes tempeh but me (i love tempeh!). so maybe I will substitute something else for the tempeh.

ashley said...

My draw dropped when that gorgeous picture popped up. And i have a jar of Ragu on hand! I love dishes like this. MMmm!

You could use canelli beans as a good protein..

Pink Theory said...

That looks delicious!