Friday, March 7, 2008

Chard and Pearl Barley Stew

Another from VT, but annoyingly, it's also not online (it's out of the most recent issue, so I guess it's too soon to be archived.) Not that anyone actually reads this, but it's probably kind of annoying to see pictures of food, read about how good it is, but not get a recipe. Well, I will make an effort to do that, but ... this week will be even more annoying, as almost everything I'm making is from cookbooks. The cookbooks I use are listed somewhere on this blog, I think, maybe to the right or something.

I sit down, go through my cookbooks/VT's, pick out enough recipes to feed Phil and me for the week, organize a shopping list, and do it all at once. This week I spent about $25 less on groceries than last week! Hopefully the price tag will continue to go down as I accumulate ingredients that last a while.

I also made up my first baked-good recipe! It wasn't perfect, but a little tweaking will make it great. Once we eat all these (yum) and I can make a new batch w/ changes, look forward to my very own Carob Chip Chocolate Oat Muffins.

Since this blog was beginning to be an ode to VT, I steered clear of it for this week (although everything I made last week from it was delicious!)