Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tempeh Burgers and Music

I woke up for work this morning at 5:30, did my thing, got to work at 6:15, even dropped by Starbucks for a small one. All along, however, I had a sinking feeling I was scheduled for the PM shift.

And I was.

So I drove home, arriving just before 7am, and flitted about until Phil woke up. Drove him to work cause its rainy. Sat on my butt. Wondered if I should go back to sleep.

Well, I didn't. I recorded the whole day, and it felt great. When I went back to work I was in such a good mood as a result of being so musically productive (even though recording is frustrating for me while it's happening). I wish I could be like that every day! The down side is that recording is incredibly time consuming, and I never really get anywhere if I don't have at least 2 hours to dedicate to it. But it was to have that opportunity today and actually use it.

I took a lunch break and made Vegan Dad's Perfect Tempeh Burgers, which are so tasty. I've made variations on it before but this was the first time I had all of the ingredients (namely the steak sauce. I subbed BBQ sauce before and now I know the difference) and it was really great. I squished it down flat, then stuffed it into a pita and smeared my leftover tofu-olive spread on it, too. Mind you, I actually prepared to make this recipe when planning my meals for this week-- that's how bad I wanted to try this recipe for real. If you've never been to Vegan Dad's blog, I highly recommend you do. It's quite inspiring. Plus he's Canadian! (that's directed to my brother-in-law, should he ever read this). And, if I might add, the recipe is much simpler than it seems and keeps well when wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in the fridge.