Saturday, March 1, 2008

The first!

I think I've been reading too many vegan-blogs-- that's the only explanation I can give myself for why I have created this thing. I really don't know if it will last, but...

I have been a vegetarian since I was 8, and a vegan since I was 16, but it's not until the last year (few months?) or so that I have really started thinking about being healthy. So I suppose my reasoning is that by having a blog about my food, I will start keeping track of things I try, and such. The same reasoning everyone else has.

The second half is that I want to keep track of my music progress. It's about time that I really make an effort at going somewhere musically. It's frustrating (and inspiring) to see people I know gain success when I'm not, but I know that I haven't really been trying, whereas they have and they deserve it.

So, day one of post.
We're eating leftovers tonight because I made so much food last night-- good thing it's yummy!
As part of my healthy-fest, I rifled through old copies of Vegetarian Times and planned out a weeks worth of meals, then got groceries all at once. What a great way to do it! It's so much less time consuming to have dinner when you 1) already have the groceries, 2)know what you're going to make (and it's good, not a crappy stir-fry [no offense, stir-fry]).

So leftovers tonight are: Lentils with Chickpeas ad Couscous. Since I had it last night, I can safely tell you it could be a bit spicier!

That's all for now!

Though this recipe was already delicious, I thought it could use a little more umph, so I added 1/2 tsp garam masala and 1/2 tsp paprika as well as a 1/4 c. water while reheating. Re-season to taste with salt and pepper and it's great! Better than the night before.

I also forgot to mention that I don't love cooked/baked raisins (cooked are okay, but baked are... blech...) so I replaced the raisins with chopped pears. But you know what else would be great? Currents. I like currents. Or dried apples. Really any dried fruit that you like. Go nuts.


Susan said...

I know you'll never read this, but currants are not spelled currents - those kind of currents are like water or wind currents, or if it's singular, such as current, it's something that is recent or just happening now. So the food stuff is currants (are currants?).